For Developers & Film Production Companies



Tax credits are government incentives that spur economic and job growth, innovation and entrepreneurship through their monetization or use.  Often generators of tax credits depend on their monetization through transfers to third parties to generate cash flow necessary to complete a specific project or business undertaking.


Tax credits foster public-private partnerships and stimulate business activity.  Certain tax credits are transferable and some companies that receive tax credits find it desirable to allocate them to individuals or businesses in the private sector to monetize the credits and, subsequently, reinvest the proceeds back into a project or business.


Monarch Private Capital has relationships with an extensive audience of potential tax equity investors.  From individuals and entrepreneurs to large corporations, wealth management advisors and accountants, our network reaches deep into the tax equity market.  We understand how to structure effective tax credit programs to meet the requirements and needs of those that have credits to place and tax equity investors.


Monarch Private Capital works efficiently with qualified investors to ensure a timely and smooth transaction.  Our streamlined process puts cash back into the hands of businesses for investment.  We are positioned to monetize tax credits in all sectors including:

  • Federal Renewable Energy
  • Federal Affordable Housing
  • Federal Historic
  • State Affordable Housing
  • State Film/Entertainment
  • State Historic Rehabilitation