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Monarch Private Capital works with Affordable Housing, Renewable Energy, Film/Entertainment, Historic Rehabilitation and other state tax credits.

States encourage investment in projects by allocating tax credits to appropriate developments. These credits award dollar-for-dollar reductions against, depending on the state, individual, trust and/or corporate income taxes, as well as insurance premium taxes and bank taxes.  Any individual, corporation or business entity is eligible to invest in state tax credit incentives.

State governments offer tax credit programs to promote a particular industry and boost the statewide economy through offering tax liability mitigation.  For instance, the Georgia film industry has thrived through the use of these programs, generating $9.5 billion in revenue in 2017.  Similarly, the North Carolina renewable energy industry boomed, bringing in $6.4 billion in revenue in 2016.  By investing in state tax credits, you and your business can too contribute to the economic growth and community improvement within your home state.

Monarch Private Capital facilitates partnerships that invest in projects that generate tax credits in a number of states and in a variety of fields, including affordable housing development, film and entertainment production, renewable energy projects, historic rehabilitation and mill redevelopment.  In some cases, the provisions may match the corresponding federal tax credit programs; in some cases, they may not.  The team at Monarch Private Capital is well-versed in our state tax credit offerings so they may help you find the most ideal investment opportunity in your state.  In some circumstances, the purchaser may be required to invest in a partnership or LLC to acquire the particular tax credits.

Monarch Private Capital has syndicated or brokered tax credits in over 25 states.

Affordable Housing Tax Credits

When you invest in our affordable housing funds, you help provide safe and affordable housing for people who may otherwise have an inferior living situation.  Suitable housing generates pride, which in turn leads to strong work habits and spurs consumerism and economic growth.  Furthermore, the construction and ongoing maintenance of affordable housing units creates jobs within struggling communities.

Renewable Energy Tax Credits

When you invest in renewable energy funds, you support the advancement of renewable sources of energy such as solar power, wind power and biomass fuel.  This encourages sustainability and energy efficiency programs designed to reduce our impact on the environment.  Not only does this credit allow corporations to fulfill sustainability initiatives, it allows developers to reinvest into additional renewable energy programs.  These credits help the environment and the bottom line at the same time.

Film / Entertainment Tax Credits

The film and entertainment business generates an influx of jobs in a specific filming location.  The local economy is boosted by the production crew’s, workers’ and actors’ use of local hotels, restaurants and shopping venues.  Abandoned buildings are often transformed to useful destinations that support filming and production teams.  Once released, movies continue their economic impact as the featured region gains exposure on a national level.

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

Tax credits help spur the redevelopment of blighted buildings, which in turn, lead to the revitalization of an entire community.  When historic buildings are redeveloped, they take on a new life and generate economic activity from professional offices to manufacturing.



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